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YouCloud is a Business to Business (B2B) fintech player that provides innovative technology tailored to the needs of small and medium business owners through partnerships with banks, telecoms, and other financial enterprise companies in the digital economy.

We are on the mission of empowering small and medium businesses in a thriving and competitive digital economy.

We aim to see YouCloud empowering financial ecosystems in various territories we set foot in through our in-country partners.

Since our inception, YouCloud has consistently worked on upscaling its laid out solutions. We started with payment software, afterwards, an agent solution. Then we built a retail management system, an online marketplace, and recently, a social media selling plugin.

YouCloud has always been forward-thinking and will keep introducing technology that helps small and medium businesses (SMBs) grow, also supporting enterprises such as banks, telecoms, and other institutions to expand their reach.

In combating aggregators, the company recently introduced special industry-focused solutions such as:

YouShop and YouResto both have integrated digital tools for owners to compete with established competitors in the digital landscape.

YOUSHOP: Retail Management Software 

Retail POS System for Small & Medium Businesses

YouShop is a retail industry-tailored solution that aims to boost small and medium businesses (SMBs). It is developed for neighbourhood grocery stores, pharmacies, salons, and clothing boutiques.

More than a tabletop register, YouShop is the one-stop store management system that includes retail management, loyalty and promotions, inventory management, an online store builder, and an in-built accounting package.

YouCloud created an in-built ecosystem driving

At YouCloud, We Are the First To Provide An Offline And Online Store POS Solution With Comprehensive Retail Management, Omni-channel Payment acceptance, Online Store Builder & Social Media Plugin

Comprehensive Retail Management:

YouCloud offers a unified retail and restaurant solution. Both YouShop and YouResto
allow business owners to manage orders from various sales channels with ease.

  • Convenient cloud-based access
  • See all orders in one platform
  • Track all transactions in one
  • Generate P&L report for omnichannel sales

Omni-channel Payment acceptance:  YouCloud payment solution enables merchants, restaurant owners, and other businesses to receive payments in various ways. More than that, it processes digital payments anytime and anywhere.

Pay via Cash: No matter the advancement, cash is never an exemption. Record every cash payment.

Pay via QR Code: Mobile wallets are on the rise. Simply show customers QR codes to pay on YouCloud.

Pay via Link: Send checkout payment links to customers via SMS, email, or WhatsApp and get paid online.

Split Payment: You can even split payments, divide by friends or methods pay card and mobile wallet.

Pay via Card: Accept any credit, debit, or prepaid card issued by a bank or any other institution.

Digital and mobile wallet payments are the most popular POS payments today grabbing a quarter of the worldwide transaction market share. Take part in the shift by entering the bustling fintech market and offering omnichannel payment solutions.

As many eyes are on social media, we introduce an innovative technology that allows instant checkout from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Selling on social media is the new normal in many emerging markets. We are connecting Social Shop to Social Media platforms so that customers can simply click on a button or link to open a checkout page

Social Shop makes the buyer journey a swift and seamless experience. Social media selling is next to e-commerce and is rampant in many emerging markets. The plugin shortens the buyer’s journey by leading them directly to the checkout page.


Online and In-Store: Track, Sync, and Process All Orders in One Dashboard

Way more than your ordinary POS, YouShop allows merchants to get real-time updates on orders and inventory on their business dashboard. In the market today, no other retail dashboard is as extensive as the YouShop ecosystem.

Inventory and Product Management

With our robust, easy-to-use Inventory system, merchants are able to manage stock and set depletion notifications across online and offline channels – to stay informed always.

Consolidated Retail Order System

A centralised ordering system enables merchants to stay on top of the orders coming in-store or online, all from a single dashboard. Managing and processing orders become a walk in the park.

Profit, Loss, and Tax Accounting

Managing businesses get better with real-time information to monitor performance and make smarter decisions. All of these without having to hire an accountant or integrate external software.

YouVAS: Empowering POS Machines to Offer More

Pocket Tool For Agents Across Industries

Agents are deployed people or businesses that act as extension offices of companies and government institutions. Adopting an agency network is the best option for your business: – To extend office or operations in remote areas – To extend customer service more economically

Banks & Financial Institutions

Rather than opening a branch in a remote area, banks can reach new customers and offer their services through an agent equipped with YouVAS.


Whether it is taxes, utility bills, or fines, government departments can employ agents to offer more payment methods to citizens within their locality.


No internet no problem. Allow people to pay their due on WiFi, mobile recharge with omnichannel payments using a card or mobile.

Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

PSPs act as the middlemen that collect payments from citizens for companies, banks, and state-owned entities.

Empower Businesses To Diversify Revenue Sources

Adding value-added soft services gives businesses an extra boost in profit. Integrating YouVAS creates a lot of difference for any business or agent. Retail shops or restaurants can simply acquire YouVAS to be a local agent of institutions.

YOURESTO; The Ultimate Restaurant Management System

All-In-One Restaurant Platform For Food And Beverage Industry

YouResto is a Restaurant Management System that helps local restaurants expand to their fullest potential. It is developed for small diners, cafeterias, and restaurants on busy roads to compete
with global chains.

More than a tabletop register, YouResto has an in-built ecosystem that does far more than just collect payments. It is a complete solution ready for restaurant owners to compete with food aggregators.

LOWERING THE BARRIERS TO LAUNCH A DIGITAL BUSINESS; Empowering Small and Medium Businesses to Enter the Digital Economy

E-commerce is at the core of the digital economy’s uptick. We have seen boutiques, restaurants, and other long-standing brick and mortar lose business to e-commerce sites and online players. YouCloud aims to equip local businesses to withstand the shift – without the need to list on existing sites.

The YouShop marketplace and YouResto online food ordering platform are both available in the form of a mobile app and a website. This gives you the option of tapping both desktop and mobile device users.

YOUCLOUD ADVOCACY: In a Mission to Give Profit Back to the Merchants

Based on DigitalCommerce360’s analysis, marketplace sites accounted for 62% of global web sales in 2020, cutting deeply into traditional retailers’ profits and causing brick-and-mortar store closures.

This fact encouraged us to build a total business solution that equips and empowers small businesses to thrive on their own.

YouCloud’s total business POS solution with a digital sales avenue that is offered as part of subscriptions aims to give earnings back to local businesses. Unlike most aggregators, we offer our digital platforms on a subscription basis. We don’t take commissions for every sale.

A Subscription-Based Marketplace

We make the deployment of attractive offers, in-store discounts, and online coupon codes a breeze. We also give business owners all the necessary tools ready to deploy during the sale season.

  • Web and mobile responsive
  • Location-based merchant store or restaurant finder
  • Promotions and special offers advertising banner space
  • Centralized inventory and reporting synchronization
  • API available for merchant’s own website

NO MORE THIRD-PARTY PLATFORMS: Equip Merchants and Local Restaurants to Compete with Aggregators

We offer the ultimate growth tool for retailers and restaurant owners. With YouCloud’s digital tools, businesses no longer need to register on third party marketplaces, or ordering platforms to be able to offer their services online.

Plus, they can manage all in one platform. With YouCloud, business owners refrain from the tedious task of multi-platform order management.

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