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Best POS systems for retail businesses to be successful in Nigeria

In the retail business where competition is ever on the rise, having the Best POS Systems For Retail serves as a real advantage for any retail business owner .
Throughout each day, sales, returns, new receipts – even damage and theft – affect your inventory levels. While daunting, effective inventory management and inventory control are the most important jobs in a successful retail or wholesale business.

Effectively managing inventory gets harder as your business scales and the amount of inventory you’re handling increases.

Taking advantage of technology can make things easier for yourself and your employees. Therefore, an inventory management system is invaluable to any retail business.

Having a management system where retailers would not have to make use of separate systems for different business functions.

Modern and growing retailers in are on the look out for the best POS system for retail to serve their business needs.

Everyday tasks such as managing and buying inventory, checking out customers, scheduling employee shifts, and keeping track of finances are easily completed using one solution. 

Components of the best POS system for retail management carry functions such as: inventory management, workforce management, POS, accounting, CRM, and analytics.

Point of sale (POS) is one of the most popular features of any RMS. The point of sale is the place where a transaction occurs from the seller to the customer.

In essence, point of sale systems streamlines the sales process. Integrating your in-store and mobile POS software with an RMS means you only need one platform for your retail store, website, and back office to see and analyze all sales transactions.

customer relationship management (CRM) platform is a tool businesses use to control customer interactions. CRMs usually involve data analysis to study large amounts of information. 

Many retail management systems include a CRM module. This allows store employees to make notes in customer accounts to help improve support and build relationships. CRM capabilities allow retailers to analyze customer behaviour and make business decisions.

A built-in or integrated CRM can identify geographical trends, giving retailers the power to track dollars spent and returns for each customer. CRMs also provide necessary customer information for remarketing and omnichannel campaigns

In inventory management for example, without it, you can’t expect to be in a business long. When your inventory is organized properly, it allows the rest of your supply chain management to fall into place. Without it, you risk having too much inventory of some items, not enough of others, mis-shipments, mis-picks, and more.

Overstocks and out-of-stocks happen when a company relies on manual methods to place orders without having a full understanding of its current inventory state.

All of these mistakes cost money and cost you, even more, when you consider the wasted labour spent in correcting the error. Without implementing the proper inventory management tools, you exponentially increase the risk of human error. The more human error you have, the more your customer reviews and loyalty will begin to plummet.

Assuming a customer comes into a retail outlet to get an item, say a nice watch. And the retailer took about an hour to find the watches. This would irritate the Customer. This is an example of poor management. You just can’t afford to make the customer wait for long. The merchandise needs to be well organized to avoid unnecessary searching.  

In the long shot, Retail management saves time and ensures that customers easily locate their desired merchandise.

Retail stores, must have effective inventory management systems and processes in place if they wish to remain competitive.

YouCloud’s YouShop comes readily to assist retailers in their inventory management and even much more.

YouShop is an industry-tailored solution for retail that aims to boost small and medium businesses (SMBs). It is developed for neighbourhood grocery stores, pharmacies, salons, and clothing boutiques.

YouShop is the one-stop Store Management System for retail businesses.

Way more than your ordinary POS. YouShop allows merchants to get real-time updates on orders and inventory on their business dashboard. In the market today, no other retail dashboard is as extensive as the YouShop ecosystem. YouShop helps you manage both your Online and In-store. You don’t need to get a separate management system for your online store. 

Youcloud’s easy-to-use inventory system, merchants are able to manage stock and set depletion notifications across online and offline channels.

A centralized ordering system enables merchants to stay on top of the orders coming in-store or online, all from a single dashboard. Managing and processing orders become a walk in the park.

Managing businesses get better with real-time information to monitor performance and make smarter decisions. All of these without having to hire an accountant or integrate external software.

In our goal to back business owners with the technology to compete and thrive in a digital economy,
YouCloud offers digital tools for businesses to grow.