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Today, it’s become ultimately important that entrepreneurs integrate the right online technologies, tools and strategies for small business growth.  In case you asked why. There are at least 39 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria as of December 2020. Of course, it would have increased beyond that now. It, therefore, becomes seemingly impossible to stand out amongst competitors or withstand the intensity of competition you’d face. 

More than that, the business age especially after the Covid 19 lockdown era, received an overwhelming consciousness for improvised technological approaches. 

It’s obvious that while the pandemic dealt a heavy blow on some business owners, small businesses that withstood the trying times were those that adopted online modern methods, to manage and run their businesses. 

Therefore, the growth of your small business today depends largely on how much you’re willing to adopt technological methods in different aspects of your business. Not just that, you need to know the best tools to grow your small business fast. And this is exactly why this article is written for you. Read on to discover the top best tools to grow your business fast. 

The Top 5 Best Tools You Need To Grow Your Small Business Fast 

This section presents you with tools in 3 directions – management, search engine optimisation, and social media marketing. Management takes a great share in all of the keys to sustaining business growth and as you’ll soon see, we listed 3 basic tools for management, while you have 1 each for search engine optimisation and social media marketing.

Business Management Tools

  1. YouResto

YouResto is a tool for restaurant management. So, if you own a restaurant and you want to have your customers get maximum satisfaction dining in your restaurant, you would need this tool. It allows customers to order using QR codes. This simplifies the ordering experience. Also, with this tool, food menus, orders, and table reservations can all be managed online. All of these give customers a user-friendly experience with the tool, leaving them with a memorable moment with your restaurant.

  1. YouShop

YouShop is one of the best tools you’d need to grow your small business fast. With YouShop, you can manage all your products across multiple stores at once. This helps you sell very faster, online (webshop and social media) and offline (in-store, across all your store locations with integration for delivery services).

Search Engine Optimization Tool

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a search engine optimising tool that helps you track keywords that are performing well for the visibility of your website content. It’s important that your small business has a website to create awareness of your service or business via content marketing. Here’s where the need for the SEMrush tool comes in. It’s one of the best tools useful for growing your small business.

Social Media Marketing Tool

  1. Hootsuite

A social media marketing tool is very vital if you care to see your small business grow fast. Hootsuite guides you to creating top-notch social content. Secondly, it helps you schedule posts across your social media channels.

Final Note

With the above top 5 best tools to grow your small business fast, you can rest assured that you’re ready for business growth all across your business locations anywhere at any time. Take some time to check out each tool and start using them.